About Me


I am the mother of two daughters, the crazy proud grandma of one baby grandson and the author of five young adult books and one memoir of my first wild year as a “behaviour” teacher.

I worked for twenty-five years as a teacher, spending much of my time with students facing academic, emotional or physical challenges. My passions have always been my children, my students and my writing.

Helping students get their own stories onto the page was always the loveliest part of teaching. My daughters and my students inspired me to start writing for the young adult audience, and encouraged me to try to get my work published.

Touched by their faith in me, I decided to go for it, and my first novel was accepted by Second Story Press in my final year of teaching.

I took early retirement a few years ago and now live in a log house on eleven acres in the beautiful Lanark Highlands. I spend my time reading, writing, spending time with family and babysitting my baby boy grandson who is reminding me of what it feels like to be young again!

As a former teacher, I am always happy to spend time back inside of a school, presenting workshops on writing or sharing my experiences as a writer.

I live in the Ottawa area, so would be more than willing to show up on the doorstep of any of the school boards in and around our lovely capital city!

Contact me at lianeshaw2014@outlook.com

“With well-developed characters in the mix of family and friends who engage with this young woman, teenaged readers have the opportunity to enjoy a strong story while at the same time learn about an illness that may hit close to home.”

- National Post, 'Thinandbeautiful.com'