So, I’m safely back in Lanark after a great four days in Edmonton.   I met lots of really interesting people…as well as a lot of people really interested in my book.   I was especially excited to be presenting with Jane Christmas and Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail at Sunday’s Brunch of Writers.  Such fascinating women, with equally fascinating stories to tell.   My husband and I toured around Edmonton a little, scouting out the Art Gallery and the Old Strathcona Antiques Market during our free time.   Edmonton seems to be a pretty friendly place, even the bus drivers seemed happy to chat!   I survived all my flights, with only a few moments of panic here and there…I discovered the wonders of seat back TV with earbuds as a very effective way to distract myself from the reality of being trapped in a very small space with a very large group of people while hurtling through the air at unnatural speeds.   Hmmm. litfest Maybe we’ll take the train next time around.