New Bookshelf

IMG_8481So, I took a break from editing today and decided to get creative.  I found an old gate from our farm and persuaded my husband to try to attach it to our kitchen wall…far enough away that I could put books on it but close enough that the books wouldn’t all fall off!   So, this is the result.   You’ll notice I put my two favourite female Canadian authors on the top! (well, one favourite and one dreamer anyway!)

First Cover design

So, most of the editing is done and the novel is being sent to the book sellers next week in ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) form.  Here is an early version of the cover that I actually quite like.  I hope the final version is very similar!  don't tell cover



Waiting to hear from my wonderful editor, Carolyn Jackson of Second Story Press.  I always love this part, where my strange and private ideas about my story go from a singular effort to a collaboration.  It’s so exciting to read comments from someone else who starts to speak of my characters as if they are as real to her as they are to me.   I think this is my favorite part of the entire publishing process!book_PNG2111

Book #5!

I am hard at work editing my new novel, Don’t tell, Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell.    I am particularly excited to have the wonderful Carolyn Jackson, senior editor for Second Story Press, as my substantive editor once again.   I’m back in the world of YA with this book which is due to come out next March.  I love this part…having someone’s opinion on my work and having the chance to collaborate with an expert to bring out the best in my own words!

New MS

book_PNG2111Just finished manuscript number 5 and sent it off to Second Story. Now the waiting game begins as I anxiously anticipate their reaction!

#BellLets Talk 2015

I was pleased to see that The Canadian Children’s Book Centre added to their list of children’s and YA books for Canadian young people on the topic of mental health.


So, I’m safely back in Lanark after a great four days in Edmonton.   I met lots of really interesting people…as well as a lot of people really interested in my book.   I was especially excited to be presenting with Jane Christmas and Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail at Sunday’s Brunch of Writers.  Such fascinating women, with equally fascinating stories to tell.   My husband and I toured around Edmonton a little, scouting out the Art Gallery and the Old Strathcona Antiques Market during our free time.   Edmonton seems to be a pretty friendly place, even the bus drivers seemed happy to chat!   I survived all my flights, with only a few moments of panic here and there…I discovered the wonders of seat back TV with earbuds as a very effective way to distract myself from the reality of being trapped in a very small space with a very large group of people while hurtling through the air at unnatural speeds.   Hmmm. litfest Maybe we’ll take the train next time around.