Book Signing

Book signing

I had my first “real” book signing in Toronto at the Ontario Library Association conference this about this time last year. I remember how afraid I was that I would sit there for half an hour with no one to talk to!  You can imagine my excitement when an actual lineup of readers, holding my novel, appeared looking for my signature. It was a great start to this incredible literary journey that I’m on!  Next stop, virtual book tour…now all I have to do is learn how to useSkype….

Too young?

Body image issues seem to be starting at younger and younger ages.  Beauty pageants for very young children are a growing industry.  As a mom, I find it hard to watch anything to do with beauty pageants for young children (or any pageants for that matter).  This blog post is one person’s opinion about this issue.

Are beauty pageants dangerous for young children…both the participants and those who can now watch it on TV?

Time Out


by: Liane Shaw

A former teacher’s no-holds-barred account of her year with a class of “behaviour” boys

Before she began writing books for teens, Liane Shaw was an elementary teacher. She brings her gifts for storytelling and humor to this account of her journey into the lives of emotionally challenged students. With little in the way of experience or resources, she found herself thrust into the most challenging kind of teaching imaginable.
From the moment Shaw meets her first two boys, as they sit teetering precariously on top of a bookshelf while swearing at the principal, she is both fascinated and terrified. Funny yet sad, strong yet vulnerable, these boys are both the bullies and the bullied. All from different backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is that the odds are against them and that the myriad efforts of the adults involved in their lives often do more harm than good. Shaw moves from frustration to determination. Readers will root for her to succeed, as invested in the success of these kids as she is. Students and teachers continue to face the same challenges, and our education system is still struggling to cope with its most vulnerable students. Shaw’s wish in sharing her story is clear – that as adults we can help children with mental health issues heal and succeed, and that stories like hers can be moved to the history shelf.

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Color of Silence

With no words between them, they build a friendship and connection that resonates and lets them express themselves louder than talking. The Color of Silence is a strong pick for youth novel collections, highly recommended.” – The Midwest Book Review, 01/05/2013

“Liane Shaw’s poetic novel of grief and friendship examines the vast difference between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.” –  Quill and Quire